The LNAC or ‘Liga Nacional Assetto Corsa’ arose after the organization of numerous independent events by ACi and because of the increasing demand of a high level competition at national level at the ‘SimRacing’ world.

In the constant search of providing the best competition experience to our pilots, ACi developed the LNAC in 2017, with the participation of +200 pilots and 13 communities.

After the great success that the LNAC had among pilots, communities and spectators, the LNAC has become the principal event of ACi. Currently, we are in the middle of the second season with more than 250 pilots and 23 affiliated communities. Those figures implied an annual growth of +30% for pilots and ~77% for communities.

The LNAC has consist on a 9 month competition, divided in 3 stages, each of them with an approximate duration of 3 months.

How the Competition Works

For more information visit LNAC web.